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Leon asked 9 months ago

 Thank you for your awesome plugin. It appears to be working fine, although I have a worry.
When I go to Woocommerce <Status <woocommerce pages – it states “Page does not contain the shortcode.”
I have not had any sales since installing the plugin and I am wondering if this issue may be the cause.
 when I check it the checkout page seems to be working fine
I am currently using the free version

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 9 months ago

Hi Leon,

As per your concern we will let you know , our plugin does not add any kind of short code. whenever it will be active it will just change the design of your checkout page(In order to make it compact). It is not connected to the billing or payment system as they are coming from default woocommerce settings.

So i will say it will not affect your sales . But if you are concerned regarding this please try buying a test product from your own. If it is working that means there is no error.

Do let me know if you still face any issue.


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