Christian asked 3 months ago

If I update from 2.7 to 2.8 the whole wordpress admin panel breaks and I need to go to FTP to manually delete the plugin and reinstall the plugin version 2.7 from my backup.

I did not record all the issues, but I do remember that the issue is with wp-content/plugins/custom-checkout-layouts-for-woocommerce/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Text.php line 13

Please advise…

Thank you!


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Brandon answered 3 months ago

Got the Same Error. I think the new update is missing the /cmb2 includes. All websites crash after update on current WordPress.
Not sure yet how to fix

Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 3 months ago

Hi @Christian,
The above listed errors are fixed now. Can you please reinstall the new version and update me .
One other issue users are facing is: They are not able to access the setting panel.
Can you please confirm the new version sorts the issues for you or not?

Christian answered 2 months ago

Hi @Rupinder,

I reinstalled the new version 2.8.0 – and I can confirm now that it is working!
Also the settings panel is accessible and I detect no new isses (other than the old ones: many PHP notices, loading on all pages and tons of queries)

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