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Dasaradh asked 10 months ago

This is a great plugin and I’m a using a pro version. Could you please help me with the following query? 
How do I translate the fields that are part of review order table (product, tax, quantity, remove, total, and subtotal) into German language?

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 10 months ago

Please let me know which translation tool or plugin you are using. 

Dasaradh answered 10 months ago

I use loco translate plugin

Dasaradh answered 10 months ago

I could translate the all other fields in the checkout page using loco translate except for “price” in the review order table. I am unable to find “Price” in the loco translate to translate it. can you find me a solution for this issue? 

Blue Plugins Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi @ Dasaradh,
Sorry for this issue. This error is created from our end. we will remove it with next update . Till then you can follow the below given solution.
We have added some translation files by mistake that’s why you are not able to file new strings. Please go to “plugins\woocommerce-one-page-checkout-and-layouts-pro\languages” and remove already created files(make language folder empty). Then you can start translating it again.

We will try to remove any issues as soon as possible and launch the new version.


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