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Aayah khalaf asked 1 year ago

Hi, I have sumo subscriptions and sumo payment plans, when I used your plugin for the one page checkout it didn’t show people the recurring payment as it would show it in the cart.
is there a way to do that?

3 Answers
Blue Plugins Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @Aayah
can you please share your plugin with us so we can test this issue at our end. send any files to “”.


aayah answered 1 year ago

this is the plugin Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts
I use Sumo subscriptions for my products 
below is a screen shot of how it should look like in the cart, it shows the installment amounts and monthly payments
and a screen shot of how it looks like with your plugin on the checkout page, it doesn’t show the monthly payments and installments amount. it just shows one monthly payment

aayah answered 1 year ago