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aayah khalaf asked 2 weeks ago

HI, I just recently added shipping details to woo commerce checkout page
but its not showing the labels, like it doesn’t say “shipping details” as well as doesn’t say “same as billing address” next to the check box
here is a screenshot 

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 2 weeks ago

Hi @Aayah,
can you please resend the screenshot . The given link is not correct.


Sam answered 3 hours ago

Hi. I have different shipping options for each product. These options will not show under each product in the checkout page but your plugin will only display the total shipping cost. Customer have to edit these options only from the cart page which is silly. Can we have the shipping options displayed under each product in the checkout page so we can disable the cart page and use only the checkout page since it has all the necessary information?
Also, I have tried to uninstall your plugin and found out that the default woocommerce checkout page completely disappeared. I had to reinstall your plugin to have my checkout page back.

Sam answered 3 hours ago

The nag advertisement messages are appearing 3 times under every page I open in my wordpress admin panel. It’s extremely unhelpful. However, Overall, the plugin is very beautiful.

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