shipping adress not showing

aayah khalaf asked 6 days ago

Hi, I have the woocommerce one page checkout plugin
but when I added “shipping address” to the checkout page it didn’t render properly
The headline “shopping address” didn’t show
and also the “same as billing address” checkout box didn’t have headlines
you can see screenshot here

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 6 days ago

HI @Aayah ,

There is no different headline for shipping section . It is only defined by “ship to different address checkbox.” Except from this i am not able to see your screenshot properly .Please send me your website link.
The last thing i noticed you didn’t save the color setting option from backend(For buttons).
Go to Dashboard->checkout  layouts->Global style and save your color settings. 


aayah answered 5 days ago

my page is, just add something to the cart and checkout you will be able to see it  the checkbox for \”ship to different address\” doesn\’t have the words, its just a checkbox, there is nothing to tell people what this box is for   

Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 5 days ago

Here is the CSS to sort this
.label.woocommerce-form__label.woocommerce-form__label-for-checkbox.checkbox {
float: none !important;
width: 100%;

Add this in your additional CSS section.

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