Ariane asked 3 months ago

HI, I like your plugin, it makes checkout so much easier. I have one question:
Some (but not all) of our products are only sold per 6 items (using WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities), I would like the quantity plus minus on the checkout page to go up or down 6 items when clicked.

Yours sincerely,


3 Answers
Blue Plugins Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi @ Ariane,
The quantity section is usually set to max quantity of any product. It means no user can order more than it’s max quantity. But if the quantities are managed from 3rd party plugin then i need to look into this. Please share your website url so that, i can help you better.

Ariane Seydel answered 3 months ago

Hi thanks for looking into this.
The website is


Blue Plugins Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Ariane ,
  I am providing you a custom solution where the quantity of products will rise up to 6 items and it will reduce as same. But IF this case is not same for all products i will not recommend you to use it.
So if you want to try it replace the below file with given link.