Christian asked 6 months ago

your templates are beautiful, but your templates do not adjust in height when the description of the service/product is larger
As I use my woocommerce to book events, there is a lot of info I need to put in the “review order” like dates and times, number of people registered, name of the event etc.
How can the layouts push down the rest of the elements so that the description always fits and does not overlap the graphics (like it does now…)
Thank you,
Best wishes,

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Rupinder answered 6 months ago

Hi Christian,
can you please share your website url?


Christian answered 6 months ago

Hi Rupinder,
Sure: please go to > Book this Event > add some random name and email > Confirm > And there you will see the problem

Blue Plugins Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Chirstian ,
Please add the below css in additional css section  to sort your issue.
.more_details_slide .variation_li {
height: auto !important;
Do let me know if it works for you .

Christian answered 6 months ago

Perfect! Works like a charm!


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