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Piri Parameswaran asked 7 months ago

Hey there!
first of all: your plugin is a cool idea 🙂

We just have a little problem setting the things up properly. Besides WooCommerce, we also use WooCommerce Germanized & WooCommerce Germanized PRO. This adds some legal features to the checkbox like Terms of condition checkboxes etc.

But unfortunately in CONFIRM & PAY and REVIEW ORDER the payment options are getting shown twice. Could you please have a look?
Best wishes

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi @ Piri,
Well i looked for the plugin you mentioned. It actually forces the payment section to be shown before review table and “Buy Now ” button  after it . I cannot change so many things here But i can let you know some tweaks for a managed checkout page. Please follow the steps Below.
Step 1:-Go to plugins\custom-checkout-layouts-for-woocommerce\WooCommerce\checkout\cclw_includes\cclw_review_order_section.php file On line No 4
There is a remove_action hook with priority 20 . Please change it to 10 and save the file.
Step 2: Add the below given Line to your theme’s function.php file.
remove_action( ‘woocommerce_review_order_before_cart_contents’, ‘woocommerce_gzd_template_checkout_table_content_replacement’ );
These steps will remove duplicate content from checkout page . If you want to change the position of these section You can try the pro version.

Note:- Any changes done inside the plugin can be vanished when the plugin is updated. So you have to re-add them again .
Do let me know if you have any questions.

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