Helder asked 4 months ago

I’m trying to use your Plugin. In the Order Review, any extra fields are treated as lines and don’t take up the table format. I believe that Order Review should be aware of extra lines so that it would display with other Woocommerce official Plugins. In this case Im using Deposits Wich adds 2 extra lines below but they don’t match what one would expect, please see the following image: https://ibb.co/xGBtpZk
Order Review breaks fields
Please assist.
Thank You,
Kind Regards

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Rupinder answered 4 months ago

Hi @Helder,
Sure we will try to help you every possible way. Can you please share the website URL where this issue is occurring . 

Helder answered 4 months ago

Thank you Rupinter!
Could you please tell me a email? I’ll create an account for you on my test website as I have the website closed publicly (in maintenance mode) 
Thank you, 
Kind Regards 

Helder answered 4 months ago

I apologize, I misspelled you name. 
Edit: Thank You Rupinder!

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