Daniel Jedidiah Cook asked 12 months ago

There is no input field to enter in a coupon code. I am using the Theme Kale Pro. Here is a link to the page. Please help!

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi @ Daniel

I am not sure why but your theme is not displaying coupon section. But to overcome this you can add the below CSS.

.woocommerce-page form.checkout_coupon p:first-child {
display: block !important;

Well as you are a Pro user I would like to recommend you few things about your checkout :-
1) it will be better if you make your checkout full width as your payment section looks congested.
2)In Pro settings, you can create your own layout and add your “Our Promise section” in between your checkout page.(After any section).See video 

These are only suggestions. Do let me know if I can help you further.


papakaliatis KOUKOURAKIS ae answered 11 months ago

Hello sir we have bought the pro version and we tried your css code but it still doesnt shows anything.
Do you have any other sollution?
Thank you!

Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 11 months ago

Hi @Papakaliatis ,

It could be different for websites. Please send me your website link , so i can check why it is not appearing . Make sure you have the coupon setting ‘on’  from woo-commerce backed.
The solution depends what causes your problem actually. Previous solution is for https://shop.tzimtzum.life    website only because it’s theme  was not displaying  the coupon section. 

Send me the link . Then i will check the issue and guide you with the possible solution.


Blue Plugins Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi @papkaliatis,
i have seen your given link. It seems you have not setup the coupon section in backend . Go to “https://www.energysport.gr/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings” and select the checkbox “Enable the use of coupon codes”
See screenshot:


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