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Caron Warnock asked 8 months ago

I am using a one-page checkout plugin by optart. The plugin uses a div to make the cart appear below the product on the product page when add to cart is clicked.
When I use the free version of your plugin: and remove the item from the cart…..all of the sections disappear. (review order billing details etc) This was exactly what I needed.
Now that I use custom layouts in the premium plugin and remove the item from the cart. The sections (review order, billing details etc) remain on the page with only the cart value changing to 0.
The paid version makes use of ajax remove from cart. Is there a way for me to removed ajax remove from cart from the pro version?
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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 8 months ago

Hi Caron, 
Can you please provide me your website link where i can see what’s happening on your end.

Caron answered 8 months ago

Test1 – Don\’t Forget To Tip So I have decided to use a one-page checkout plugin. So when I use one-page checkout the ajax remove from cart is smooth but it is giving me a problem. I am using a payment gateway fees plugin and the plugin isn\’t compatible with the one-page checkout plugin. so there is some custom work with javascript that creates a cart refresh to bring the fees through. So, when an item is added to cart the fees are working but once removed from the cart and added again the fee isn\’t pulling through. So It was working better for me on the free version without ajax remove from cart.   Counter productive I know. But in this case it works better without ajax remove from cart.    

Caron answered 7 months ago


Caron answered 7 months ago

I have now resolved this problem.

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