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Bart Greenhut asked 11 months ago

Hello, Support!
I’m trying to change the configuration but doesn’t work…
– If I set the homepage as “checkout” on the backend I’m not able to access the website.
– The title of the product needs to show and complete all space…and the “ship to a different address” needs to shows in the first access disable…
Thank you

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi @Bart GreenHut,

1) if you see your first screenshots you are setting cart page as your home page. You need to set checkout page (not cart).
2)Hopefully it will remove your space issues too.
If you are not able to archive this . you can send me your website details it will see whats happening . You can mark your answer as “private”.

Well this plugin only works around the checkout page and its short code. Configuring it on homepage is a custom setting . So it will take a bit of settings.

Rupinder @Blueplugins

Blue Plugins Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi @ Bart,
1)The checkout page works fine at home page now.You can try testing with dummy orders.
2)For the order table design theme’s design was overriding plugin’s design . To overcome this i have added some CSS in “http://localhost/mylocalplugins/wp-admin/customize.php?return=%2Fmylocalplugins%2Fwp-admin%2Fadmin.php%3Fpage%3Dwc-settings” (Dashboard->appearance->customize->additional css )
3)For the “ship to different address section”. i am not sure yet what is causing it .As it does not happens with every website. So i look into this and let you know.


Marcio and Bart answered 11 months ago

Hello Rupinder,
After clicking on the button to “add to cart” the checkout page should be shown on the same page…as was before with the checkout page default of the theme…
Thank you

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