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Fabrizio Beria asked 8 months ago

Hi, I have a pro versione but no possibility to custom layout, area for drag&grop items doesn’t show, I view online rows whit toggle to chang Hide label, background color and padding… No other. Other problem: Replace text doesn.t work. No effect on my checkout page…. I’am using wordpress 5.5.3 and Woocommerce 4.7.0 and PHP 7.4
Can you support me?

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 8 months ago

Hi Fabrizio, 
The issue you are explaining occurs in only one condition i.e if you are using any plugin that is using CMB api. 
An example for this is “Rank math seo” Plugin. If you have this plugin active then you can have issues in backend setting. 
For this situation we are in  process of resolving this issue. But it will take time. 
Hope you can enjoy rest layouts till then. 

Fabrizio Beria answered 8 months ago

Hi Rupinder, yes, i’am using rank math… Have you an idea about your time to resolve it?
Best regards

Fabrizio Beria answered 8 months ago

Hi again Rupinder, other important funcionality that you think to insert in plugin is about to change position (level and/or block column) for coupon management.
Thanks for your attention.
Regards from Italy.

ludiloup answered 8 months ago

j’ai exactement le meme probleme sauf que je n’utilise pas “Rank math seo”

Rupinder answered 8 months ago

Hi @Fabrizio,
Well for this issue i cannot promise you any time limit. But definitely i am trying to sort it first as “rank math seo” is in trend now and many sites are using this. So i will try to remove it as soon as possible.

The coupon section you mentioned :- replacing the coupon section is not a good idea as it is a different form in it self . Keeping it inside checkout form affects the ordering system. Yes it can be done using jQuery (but for a particular site). We initially made this option but removed it later as It was not affective with every website.  So we decided to not keep this .

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