Riccardo asked 8 months ago

Good morning yesterday I bought the pro version of the elementor checkout, is amazing. I have only a problem with the order table summary. If the shipping is free the field is completely undisplayed. there is a way to fix it and tell the customer that the shipping is free? thank you

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Riccardo,
Can you please share your website link and mention where you are providing free shipping. Well This plugin actually focus on the layout of checkout page rest is handled by woocommerce itself. So i will try to check what can be done with this section.
Will update you regarding this ASAP.

Riccardo answered 8 months ago

thank you for the fast reply I think it was a cache problem because now it works. Can be with your plugin the possibility to update quantity on checkout with the + and – symbols? thanks

Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 7 months ago

Hi Riccardo,
Yes It is possible . Quantity is changeable but Plus and minus button are not compulsory . It means it depends on you theme  whether the buttons will appear or not.

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