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Mel asked 11 months ago

I am encountering an issue with the “delete” button on the cart + checkout layout, style 3. The red cross seems to not working. Nothing happens when I press it to delete a product from the cart while the button perfectly works on the styles 1 and 2. 
Is that a common issue? Is there any solution for that problem? 
Thanks a lot for your time

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 11 months ago

Hi @ Mel, 
Yes this issue is known to us and we have updated it for new downloads. 
Please send me your order Id. I will resend you the new file. 
It will be automatically updated when the new version will be launched. 

Melissa Rigneau answered 11 months ago

Hi Rupinder, 
Sorry for the delay, I did not receive email notification for your answer. 
My order ID is #3782. 
Thank you!

Blue Plugins Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi @Melissa,
We have resend you the details against your Order ID. Please redownload the plugin and remove the previous one.
Do let me know if you still have any questions

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