SupportCategory: Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts Prodecrement "-" missing from left of checkout qty. Clicking left of qty decrements, but isn't visible. Confuses users. Increment "+" displays on right of qty.
Don asked 4 months ago

can provide screen shot of checkout page

4 Answers
Blue Plugins Staff answered 4 months ago

Please provide your website link.

Don answered 4 months ago

I placed a screen shot on my ecommerce site for you

Thank you

Rupinder answered 4 months ago

I have seen your screenshot .it is happening because you have not saved the style settings in “global css ” section. So please go to your Dashboard->Checkout Layouts-> Global Css and then change the color settings and save.


Don answered 4 months ago

That solved the issue, but I marvel how you knew that was the problem. I changed and saved the colors, but they were overridden by other settings and the colors did not change. Thanks again