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Anaz Ismail asked 10 months ago

In the checkout page we cannot enter name and address data without marking the ” create an account option ” .  this create an account option falls below at the bottom .  So customers checkout they cannot type anything . Can you tell me whats the issue ?  plse help
This is the url , please check

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Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 10 months ago

Hi @ Anaz,
The form you are running is actually not the billing form by default . Your billing form shows when you click on “Add billing ” button. The form you are asking is an “account form”. By default it is not a part of checkout form . So it is possible you have added this account form using any other plugin or code.
So i will recommend you to check from where you are adding this external form and definitely there will be some conditions regarding this. You need to find and remove those settings.


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