SupportCategory: Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts ProCan you override the order review template, to put product name where thumbnail is, and remove thumbnail?
Jay Shuffler asked 6 months ago

We are not using thumbnails, and have successfully hidden the thumbnail with CSS, but it then looks dumb to have the product name on the next row, below Qty and Remove.

We also tried overriding the review-order.php template from our theme’s /woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php but your version seems to have higher priority, and nothing we put into that override file makes it onto the page.

How can we set my override file to higher priority than yours … or how can we move the product name to where you’ve got the thumbnail, without editing your core plugin?

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Rupinder answered 6 months ago

Hi Jay ,
Can you let me know Are you using pro version? if yes ,Please mention your order id at “”. Also please tell if you are using elementor or not.

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