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mohamed asked 11 months ago

Dear Sir,
we need to use single page checkout as a registration form to booking for a course, we have a three type of training certificate given to the delegates
Type A: 10 USD
Type B: 20 USD
Type C: 30 USD
could this plugin ” custom-checkout-layouts-for-woocommerce” could help us in

  1. make the checkout in one page
  2. user can choose which type of certificate they need, and is this will reflect to wocommerece and wocommerece multilangual ?
  3. i.e. price change according to their choice and according to currency for their country ?

please advice

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Blue Plugins Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi @Mohamed,
we do not promise any functionality which is not a part of this plugin . “woocommerce one page checkout and layouts ” is more about designing the checkout page in compact way and combining cart and checkout page.

If there is any functionality which works on default woocommece checkout . it will work same way on “woocommerce one page checkout and layouts ” plugin.Only the design will be changed.

In order to check the conditions you mention . you need to activate this plugin and check the compatibility with your conditions.


mohamed answered 11 months ago

how to translate to show all field in arabic and to be compaitable with arabic
are there ability to update css

mohamed answered 11 months ago

i asking these question because i already install it, the text alligned in ugly show i hope to assure that i will able to finalize it in a good manner and it will help me in getting beautiful checkout page, before i buy the pro versionLC8JSkd
see screen show

mohamed answered 11 months ago
Rupinder@BluePlugins answered 11 months ago

You can use translation tools or plugins for translating strings. This plugin is particularly tested with ‘loco translate.
Well as I can see you are facing some alignment issue in Arabic style. For this you can add additional css in WordPress dashbord. 
In case you need help with css you can send us your website link. We will provide you the code. 

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