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Martin asked 12 months ago

just working on our shop and trying out your one page checkout plugin which looks really good by the way and with a bit of CSS can be amended to our liking.
However we recognized that only 3 column layout is clashing with woocommerce message which appears on the left and pushes the complete checkout page to the right instead of sitting on top of it. All other layout respond correctly with woocommerce message sitting above.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Many Thanks in advance.

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BluePlugins answered 12 months ago

Hi @ Martin

I have looked into your given link. You just need to add a ‘clear’ class before the checkout form.
Add “<div class=”clear”></div>” ,before the form. Or add the below css
.woocommerce-notices-wrapper {
clear: both;
. It will remove any kind of floating-issue.


Martin answered 12 months ago

Thank You so much,
this was perfectly on spot diagnosis.
I will surely recommend your product.

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