Refund Policy

To place a refund request for an order placed @ BluePlugins You would need to read the details and Submit Refund Request  below.

Please have your OrderId available provided to you by email at the time of order placement. Provide a reason for your request in order to speed up your request approval. Your request will be reviewed within 2 days i.e Standard Response Time. We reserve the right to extend the response time based on the nature of conditions to apply on refund situation.
During this response time, we will reach you and try to solve any issue you are facing providing you best technical support.

After successful approval you will get
$Refund amount = $ProductPrice – $Papalfee

Conditions to apply on refund situations:-

  1. Technical Issues :- To apply for a refund you need to explain your issues in detail. Refund will be only approved if there is any technical issue with plugin . During this process we can ask you to provide your website details so we can test your explained issues and provide you the suitable solution. If the plugin does not work then your  refund will be initiated within two working days.
  2. You bought a plugin twice :- Sometime user buy only one plugin but payment is deducted twice due to slow server or other issue. So in this case refund will be provided for duplicate entry/Plugin .  
  3. You need a refund within 7 days :- Sometime user didn’t get what they expected . So A claim made within 7 days will be eligible for refund.  

 To avoid fraud and spam request here are some condition where we don’t offer any refund. The refund will not be approved if:-

  1. You bought an item by mistake.
  2. You don’t like the Plugin/Layouts or plugin didn’t meet your expectation.
  3. You don’t have sufficient experience to use the plugin.
  4. You changed your plan.
  5. you are asking for a refund after 7 days.