Refund Policy

  1. To place a refund request for an order placed @ BluePlugins You would need to contact us.

Please have your OrderId available provided to you by email at the time of order placement. Provide a reason for your request in order to speed up your request approval.Your request will be reviewed within 2 days i.e Standard Response Time.We reserve the right to extend the response time based on the nature of conditions to apply on refund situation.
During this response time, we will reach you and try to solve any issue you are facing providing you best technical support.

In case the support team fails to resolve the matter your refund request will be approved.
After successful approval you will get
$Refund amount = $ProductPrice – $Papalfee

Conditions to apply on refund situations. The refund will not be approved if:-

  1. The issues are resolved by the support team :- To apply for a refund you need to explain your issues in detail. Refund will be only approved if we found your request is genuine . For example you are having any technical issue with our plugin and we are enable to sort this . Only In this case we will approve your refund request.
  2. You bought an item by mistake:- We are not bounded for  refund if  you bought any item by mistake. We already offer free version of plugin, there is a support forum where you can ask pre sales question and see demo of our plugins. So there should not be any space of confusion .
  3. You don’t have sufficient experience to use the plugin:-  we usually offer full  support for any kind of installation issues.  You can use support forum and contact form to connect us . Even after this detailing if you are enable to understand  plugin’s nature  in that case refund will be declined.
  4. You changed your plan:- In some cases Users change their plan to work with Woocommerce or they want to change the checkout process . In this case they may not need this plugin. But this will be counted as change in your plan . These cases are not connected to  sold plugin’s Code. We assume  you a smart user and Try free version for trial. 
  5. you are asking for a refund after 7 days :- We offer a 7 days refund policy. That means you have 7 days to open your refund request . Refund request opened after 7 days will be declined. All The above mentioned conditions comes under this category .   For example :- You have opened a refund request within 7 days .But you are asking a refund because “You bought an item by mistake “.So this request will be counted under category 2.

    Note:- All the users from BluePlugins are requested to read all the conditions in detail.  If you still have any confusions please contact us before buying.