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Skip Cart Page not skipping
499 views1 answers0 votes
Some words remain untranslated
Open92fe4b0167105e9277f1796642fc952a?s=48&d=mm&r=gMichal asked 2 years ago
520 views0 answers0 votes
Adress Complement Not Showing
Answeredc98eb851da96167a190ee50273347c71?s=48&d=mm&r=gMarina answered 2 years ago
546 views3 answers0 votes
Update and lost translation texts
Answered46bbcfa8044315a5fd313487e99edb41?s=48&d=mm&r=grupinder answered 2 years ago • 
532 views1 answers0 votes
How to use plugin
Answered46bbcfa8044315a5fd313487e99edb41?s=48&d=mm&r=grupinder answered 2 years ago • 
578 views1 answers0 votes
Answered219cc7a669e0044db0d6d23c59ba708f?s=48&d=mm&r=gMarta answered 2 years ago • 
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Update 2.8 breaks wp-admin
Answered1355e9d8d62515596356c69f65ef5a58?s=48&d=mm&r=gChristian answered 2 years ago • 
602 views3 answers0 votes
Plug in Error
Answered46bbcfa8044315a5fd313487e99edb41?s=48&d=mm&r=gRupinder@BluePlugins answered 2 years ago
567 views2 answers0 votes
Confirm & Pay Button not showing
768 views4 answers0 votes
Change "Ship to a different address2
Answered4b5aed1a5dc453718e89cc6a9b7ed3f4?s=48&d=mm&r=gPedro answered 2 years ago • 
859 views3 answers0 votes