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?s=48&d=mm&r=gMarco asked 2 weeks ago
I bought your PRO version but I haven’t solved my problem. In Italy we use a different way of showing date and time. For example: 2022-09-05, in Italy it is 05-09-2022. So instead of Y-m-g we use G-m-y. Even if I make this change in the Google options your plugin still returns the format Y-m-g instead of G-m-y. Similar problem also with the timetable. In Italy, for example, we don’t write 07.00 pm, we say 19.00.
Is there any way to fix the formatting problem?

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?s=48&d=mm&r=gRupinder@BluePlugins answered 1 week ago
Hi Marco,
Thanks for writing to us.
Yes currently we are just providing limited formats. But We are open to any required improvements. So we will try to add this in next version. Currently I will share you the modified code which will sort your issue.

46bbcfa8044315a5fd313487e99edb41?s=48&d=mm&r=gBlue Plugins Staff answered 1 week ago
Hi Marco , 
I have gone through your formats . But your mentioned format returning 0 For G . As G-m-y  = 0-08-22 (Any date)
G is not a format in date section . But if we are listing time then it return below given format.

  • G – 24-hour format of an hour (0 to 23)

But if you are looking for d-m-y its already in backend options. If you needed to change them anyhow you can edit the file at “plugins\events-calendar-for-google-pro\admin\cmb2_gc_options_fields.php” on line no 284.
For time format you can reach file events-calendar-for-google-pro\includes/class-ecfg-custom-hooks.php  at line no 141 and 147 . Currently the format is (h:i a) which you can modify according to your need . We will make this section as an option for future versions.

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