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Events Calendar for Google Pro– Lists all events from public google calendar to your WordPress website. It helps you provide your user best visual experience while listing your programs.
Useful to list music concerts, education fairs, Health awareness programs ,Social media live streaming And many more which suits your Buissness needs.

Explore Pro Layouts

Color/Style Preference

Custom Color

Custom Color Settings will let you change the event background, date section icon and text color separately.

Timeline Layout

Random Color

Random Color Settings will Pick a random color for each event listed . These Color settings are available to every layout

Timeline random style

A Video Guide

Follow this  instructional video to help you with installation steps and  designing options

Events As Sidebar

List your new and upcoming events in wordpress sidebar or footer .

Custom color wdigets
Random color widgets

What people say

L Love the simple plugin. Had some issues and the developers responded super quick and got them fixed. 


G Great Plugin

Igor Ilgiyaev

2 reviews for Events Calendar for Google Pro – Blue Plugins

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    Great calendar in general, but I have run into 2 issues. First, for online events, plugging an event registration URL into the location does not work. It literally searches for that URL on maps rather than going to it. Secondly, the Read More link sends you to a page to log into or signup for a Google account, even though you’ve set the Google calendar to Public and used a public-facing link. Also, currently it has not been tested with the latest version of WordPress. But for those things I would easily rate it 5-stars.

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    Curio Museum Design

    This is a great plugin and works nicely right out of the box, and I was happy to buy the pro version. Thank you!

    ONE ITEM NEEDS TO CHANGE though! This is really important!! When you click Read More on a grid item, or when you click on any event in the full Calendar view, it takes you to a non-public Google page. There is NO WAY to make that page public, so if the viewer has no Google account, they will be taken to a Google sign up page. This is no good, and it will only confuse my clients’ customers and patrons.

    PLEASE please please change the plugin so clicking Read More (or clicking on an event in the full calendar) links to a single event view, either via pop up or by opening a new page, I don’t care. You could even make it as simple as one of your grid layouts. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but it NEEDS to stay within the website and not link people to a private (login required) Google/iCal link.

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