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Checkout Layouts

1. Click on the “settings” option after activating the plugin.

2.  As a second option go to Dashboard-> checkout layouts from left panel.

3. General setting will provide you 4 basic settings.

  • Checkout page layouts:- it helps you to select preferred design for your checkout page. it has 6 predefined layouts.It also provides you a “custom layout” option which will let you change your design according to you.
  • Order Table Design Options:- Order table lists  your order items on the checkout page. This section provides you two different designs. Choose one accordingly.
  • Skip Cart Page:- Select if you want to skip cart page. It is a recommended step if you want to make the checkout process quicker.
  • Non Changeable Qty: By default, users can change the qty of products when they checkout. Select yes if you are selling only one item or any digital product.
  • Click “Save changes”.


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