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Developer Notes

1. If you are willing to customize checkout purely with your design .Please go to “Dashboard-> woocommerce->checkout layouts->General settings “.

2. Select “custom layout” from “checkout page layout” dropdown.

3. It will open a text editor to customize your checkout page. For each different section there are some predefined variable. For example if you want to implement payment-method form then call¬† “!!cclw_payment!!” .You can wrap this variable with your own html.

4.Here are some other predefined variables.

  • !!cclw_billing!!
  • !!cclw_shipping!!
  • !!cclw_order_notes!!
  • !!cclw_orderreview_table!!
  • !!cclw_payment!!

5. To use same headers as the plugin does use <h3 class=”border_html”>Billing header</h3>

6. For any custom button use class “cclw_button” for same design.


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